return to tokyo

return to tokyo
Restaurant in Shinsekai

Osaka was wonderful, I could see spending a two weeks there alone. I found folks on the street to be approachable and friendly, mostly just curious why I would want to take their picture. "Photography class!" is a line that sometimes works.

On Sunday I took a break from the grind, did some shopping, got some lunch and visited the Osaka Leica Store. Bought a pair of Hokas to replace my uncomfortable New Balance shoes.

Visited Tenjinbashi Suji to visit a knife maker and view a calligraphy demonstration. The knives were beautiful and reasonably priced (about $150) with Japanese lettering on the handle.

Random pictures, a mix of rangefinder and iPhone images, some remixes from the other day:

Our fixer told me – via Pocketalk – that the town has a problem with demons and they have wards above/around their homes to protect them.

Maybe by "demons" they meant "tourists", not sure

We also walked around the Shinsekai district which is said to be modeled after Coney Island.

We have these at home too but they are a joy

I am writing this update on the bullet train from Osaka to Tokyo where I'll pick up a cab to my next (and final) hotel for the trip. I predict today will involve soaking my poor feet and hunting for sushi.

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