on editing

on editing

When I shoot, I save both RAW and JPEG. Every now and then, the JPEG is rendered just perfectly, other times I need to use Lightroom to rescue a shot.

Lightroom's Auto button is a good starting point. Most RAW images look flat, like they're covered in gauze. The Dehaze slider goes a long way towards fixing the RAW image, a bump of +10 to +20 can fill in shadows nicely.

If my horizon is off, I can use the Level button under Transform.

I set the camera to Auto White Balance and don't change the White Balance option in Lightroom from "as shot".

Most of my images are published online, I will scale down to 1920 pixels wide and render at 72DPI. Most of my prints are on the small side, maybe 14" diagonally.

Sometimes I get lucky and the image doesn't require editing right out of the camera:

I tend not to use filters unless I'm sharing something with family or friends:

Sharpening is a difficult decision, some images benefit from being sharpened on screen to bring out smaller details like people in the distance.

For real estate-style images, I bring up the exposure for a clean, well-lit look.

I will shamelessly crop my images.

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