Random facts i've picked up:

  • Registered with Visit Japan Web for to pre-fill out forms for quarantine, immigration and customs. Obtained an Immigration QR Code to prove my vaccination status
  • June in Tokyo is supposed to be rainy and humid 🌧️
  • As of March 8th, 2023 1 USD = 137.5585 JPY. For rough estimates, I have been dividing ¥ by 100 to approximate USD
  • Flying with Japan Airlines based on many positive recommendations
  • Oh my yes, I have travel insurance
  • Packing masks to wear on the subway
  • "Generally it is not customary to tip for services" 💸
  • "Talking on mobile phones is prohibited in all means of transport" 😎
  • Trash cans are hard to find (although I read somewhere that 7-11 has them)
  • "Passports are only required during check-in at the hotel however when shopping it is necessary to deduct VAT"
  • "Credit and debit cards are widely accepted although cash is common for small shops, taxis and street food vendors"
  • Most travel blogs recommend a coin purse 👴🏻
  • Voltage and plugs are the same in Japan as in the U.S. ⚡
  • Learning how to say these phrases: Yes; No; Please; Thank you; Excuse me; Sorry; Do you speak English; Where is the toilet 🚽
  • My first night will be in Shinjuku for close proximity to camera stores (not expecting to purchase any new camera gear abroad though)
  • Enjoyed reading /r/japantravel for hints/tips + watching YouTube videos about what not to do as a tourist in Japan

Places to visit:

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